Pure Via® Packets  - 1g/1000ct

Pure Via

Pure Via® Packets - 1g/1000ct

A natural stevia based sweetener: Pure Via is a great tasting, Non-GMO alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners.  Use it to sweeten coffee, iced tea, cereal and other foods and beverages without adding calories.  Pure Via Stevia All Natural 0 calorie sweetener packets each sweeten like 2 teaspoons of sugar and dissolve quickly into both hot and cold beverages.  The stevia extract used in Pure Via is made from the sweetest extract of the stevia leaf.  Using Pure Via sweetener can help support your healthy lifestyle as you cut back on sugar, calories and carbs without losing sweetness and flavor.  Suitable for individuals with diabetes, this versatile natural sweetener is kosher certifed and keto friendly.  See purevia.com for our natural standard and information on our ingredients.

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